Sky Wallet 3.8 has been released

Today a new release of Sky Wallet has been published and is available on the Store to all Windows Phone 8 users.
This is the first release of the app that targets Windows Phone 8, so the update won’t be visible to users with phones running the previous versions of Windows Phone.

Discover the new Sky Wallet 3.8 here!

Also the Windows Phone 7.5 has been updated, and published as version 3.4.


28 thoughts on “Sky Wallet 3.8 has been released

  1. Getting error “c101a7d1” when trying to update. I believe others have noted this as well. I updated three other apps this morning and had no other issues besides this one.

  2. I got an error when updating, too. It would download but not install, and fail with “Attention required”. I went to to try to “push” the update and it worked, but it installed the trial version so now I can’t open my data (it says that the data file has more than 3 items). Nicolo, please contact me directly to help me install the latest full version. Thank you.

  3. I’m also getting error c101a7d1 when trying to update my Lumia 920. Retries don’t work either. Other updates at the same time went through without problems.

  4. Tried again before I went to bed last night but still got the same error. However when I woke up this morning it had downloaded and installed so all good now! Seems much faster than before and it’s nice it takes up the whole screen now. Thanks for the update!

  5. Hello,
    After the last update there is no image in the (smallest) tile. I’m using WP 8 on a Nokia Lumia 920. Thanks for fixing it!

  6. I found a bug on the desktop client. If I have a website I want to add to the finance group, it allows my to save it but then deletes the entry. That seems wrong. If you do not allow a category I should not be allowed to choose it from the template list or at least save it into accounts. If I enter it from my Window 8 Phone it works. Seems like the bug is on the desktop client and I do have the latest available.

  7. I found a second bug on the client. If I enter website template on my phone to the finance group, then I sync my desktop and try to edit the template values on the desktop client, the desktop client does NOT retain the edits. Seems the desktop client is buggy

  8. One more bug for the list. If I create a website template on the phone, attempt to edit it on the desktop client. sync phone and client, then I can never, ever get updates for that template that came from the phone again. VERY BUGGY DESKTOP CLIENT

    • Hello Enzo,
      the behavior you are reporting seems to be due to clock settings on your PC.
      You say that it seems the issue is only on the desktop companion, so I think you PC running the desktop companion has not the right clock settings.
      Since the app uses time and device clocks in the synchronization process, please ensure your PC (and also your phone) have the right time set.
      I would suggest you to navigate to any time web site (for example and synchronize your device clocks with the time displayed.

  9. Chiedo scusa, ma succede a tutti che ogni volta che o il telefono viene spento e riacceso o semplicemente l’app si blocca e richiede la master password per essere riaperta la connessione con SkyDrive salta e mi viene chiesto il SignIn? Non dovrebbe restare memorizzata automaticamente? Mi sembra strano altrimenti…c’è modo di risolvere questo ‘fastidio’?

    • Buongiorno,
      il comportamento che descrive non è normale: una volta inseriti Microsoft Account e password non dovrebbe più essere necessario inserirli e l’app dovrebbe fare il sign in automaticamente.
      Che telefono ha e che versione di windows phone utilizza?
      Quando effettua il sign in su SkyDrive, oltre ai campi per username e password è presente un’opzione “mantienimi connesso” o qualcosa del genere?

      • Buongiorno
        ho un Nokia 920 wp8
        alla schermata di accesso a SkyDrive non mi viene chiesto di restare connesso ma solo username e password (ho anche rimosso e reinstallato ma il problema rimane)

  10. OK…a few problems…I just purchased the app, requested the desktop companion, and haven’t received the email…I’ve checked the junk mail folder, etc…no email…

    Second, when I try to sync from the phone to SkyDrive, I get an Error saying I’m not connected to the internet…but I am…I can refresh the folder list, I can get on the store, etc., I’ve got full 4G bars, I turned on wifi, but still it says I’m not connected to the internet…getting a bit frustrated…

    • OK…got the ‘not connected to the Internet’ taken care of…I logged out of SkyWallet, closed all the apps on the phone, re-entered SkyWallet, and then it would sync…now I’m just waiting for the desktop companion email…thanks…

  11. Firstly, thank you for a great app! I’ve been using it for a couple of years now and it has become an integral part of my workflow. I don’t know how I could function without it :-).

    Now I am wondering when you will port it over to Windows RT? I recently purchased a Surface RT and would like to use it there. Do you have a timeline?

    Thanks again for all your great work!!!

  12. Have moved my mSecure database over to SkyWallet using the Excel template…needed to do a bit of data-massaging, but it worked. Now the question is, can I apply a template to an existing entry? All items came across in the same way, and I’d like to be able to apply one of the existing templates to them…any chance?

  13. Hey Nicolo, I have been experiencing app crash when saving in the desktop version, it seems the data gets saved then the app crashes.
    I am running Windows 8 pro and latest desktop 2.2 and phone 3.8 editions. I still would like to see an alternate way to go to categories (pulldown) in the desktop wallet, it takes to long to scroll sideways when you have 10 or more categories. Thanks RobertO

  14. Hope all is ok as you seem to have gone quiet recently…. Are there any plans to upgrade the desktop companion? It would be really good if you offered a full-function Windows 8 “Modern” (and Windows RT) app. I would be happy to pay (a reasonable amount) for this, especially if you could also improve sync with SkyDrive (editing one thing after another often don’t get seen as a change so one edit uploaded, next thinks its a download) plus “drag and drop” capabilities around moving/reordering attributes within an entry and moving entries between groups.

    • Have purchased the skywallet app on wp8 store and requested the desktop companion
      download link.
      I have tried this three times without success.
      Any idea what to do??

  15. Hi I am facing issue when I tried to connect to Sky Wallet Desktop Companion after I login I get the message "...Sky Wallet has stopped working...." SO is Windows 7. I reinstalled several times but the problems persist says:

    Hi I am facing issue when I tried to connect to Sky Wallet Desktop Companion after I login I get the message “…Sky Wallet has stopped working….” SO is Windows 7. I reinstalled several times but the problems persist

    • Hello, you should take a look to the Windows event log in order to read why the application is crashing every time you run it.
      you should find an error entry regarding sky wallet desktop companion.

  16. Nicolo, SkyWallet for WP started crashing tonight. Every time it tries to sync I get an error. And then get kicked out of the app. I tried deleting/reinstalling and now it can’t find the list of folders. Desktop companion appears to be working. Help!

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