About Sky Wallet

It’s not only a premium password manager, Sky Wallet is the best mobile wallet for Windows Phone!
It provides SkyDrive synchronization and a free desktop companion that lets you access your data also from a Windows PC!
Sky Wallet is a professional but easy tool: you can manage your sensitive data such as credit card numbers, bank account information and the passwords required to access your web sites and online services.
You can enter your data leveraging the predefined templates, or you can start with an empty entry and choose the fields you want to add.
You can create your own templates and you can customize or remove the predefined ones.
Create all the entries you want: there’s no limit to how far you can customize your entries and templates!
Your data is encrypted using the best cryptographic algorithm available on Windows Phone (AES 256 bit) and the access is protected by the master password you choose.
Moreover, with Sky Wallet you can choose to save your encrypted data not only on your phone, but also on your SkyDrive! If you synchronize with SkyDrive, you’ll be able to back up your data, reload your data on the phone if you hard reset it and access your data using Sky Wallet on more than one device, including your Windows PC using the free Sky Wallet desktop companion!

Browse the Windows Phone Store and search for Sky Wallet!
You can download the trial version, which is fully functional but limited to a maximum of 3 items. When installed, it contains two sample items so you’ll be able to add one more entry. You can delete sample items to be able to add new ones, up to three.


75 thoughts on “About Sky Wallet

  1. Great idea for a product but would be much easier to set up if you could edit it on desktop, save it to skydrive and then pick it up on your mobile.

  2. good app and when it add’s a desktop tool it’ll be a great app been running it for 2 months now and I can say it truly answered a need for me with the SkyDrive integration so give it a go

  3. Ciao,
    prima cosa complimenti per il lavoro.
    Ho da chiederti alcune informazioni:
    Quando entro in impostazioni skydrive, se per caso ho cambiato la password, da web, e non cambio la pwd sulla tua applicazione il sistema mi segnala correttamente che la pwd non è corretta ma non mi da più la possibilità di effettuare nuovamente la digitazione di una nuova pwd.
    inoltre non riesco a memorizzare la pwd di skydrive, mi tiene memorizzata la vecchia pwd.

    Utilizzavo in windows 6.5 un’altro wallet, funzione carica era quella di poter mettere in ogni singola scheda, come voce dei campi codice nascosti da asterischi, cliccandoci sopra appariva il valore nascosto, un’ulteriore sicurezza. Possibile tale implementazione?
    Possibile aggiungere immagini per personalizzare le schede.
    per eventuali delucidazioni il sito del vecchio prodotto è http://www.spb.com/pocketpc-software/wallet/
    Ultima cosa è possibile ordinare le voci all’interno di una scheda.
    Prima pin poi codice poi note o viceversa.?

    • Ciao, se cambi password su SkyDrive il comportamento dell’applicazione e’ questo:
      – Provi a sincronizzare, e l’app ti segnala con un errore che la password è cambiata, proponendoti di aprire la finestra di impostazioni
      – Accedi alle impostazioni, e apri Impostazioni SkyDrive
      – Inserisci la nuova password e premi OK
      – Selezioni il folder SkyDrive a cui eri già connesso e premi OK
      A questo punto puoi nuovamente sincronizzare, e verrà utilizzata la nuova password di SkyDrive
      E’ questa la procedura che hai seguito? Ti ha dato problemi?

      Ti ringrazio per le funzionalità che hai proposto, lavorerò su alcune di queste nei prossimi aggiornamenti.

  4. anche io utilizzavo spb wallet, e devo dire che se si riuscissero a implementare tutte le features su Sky Wallet sarebbe davvero fantastico!

  5. When is Sky Wallet Companion for PC coming out? I need to export my data and have been waiting for this to be released.


    • Hello,
      it’s really close… it’s in beta now!
      In the meanwhile, if you want to move your data to Sky Wallet I built a tool that lets you import items from txt or csv files exported by other apps.

  6. Hello,

    I’m running the paid version (2.3) of sky wallet but have not received the email I’ve sent from the phone requesting the desktop companion over 24 hours ago. Any help appreciated.

    Robin Woodland

  7. Allora vediamo che cosa sbaglio: ho importato le schede di SPB Wallet come file txt, tramite il Desktop Companion. Fino a qui tutto ok !
    (a proposito perchè il Desktop Companion è solo in inglese ?).
    Dopo ho cliccato su sincronizza in DC per salvare le modifiche su SkyDrive.
    Quindi ho effettuato la sincronizzazione con SkyDrive sullo smartphone, ma durante il collegamento il programma si chiude.
    Alla riapertura non ha caricato nessuna scheda.
    Tutto ok invece se creo delle nuove schede sullo smartphone o sul DC e poi sincronizzo.

    Sbaglio qualcosa ?

  8. I’m attempting to import a .csv file. SkyWallet blows up showing the Windows “The application has stopped working…” dialog. I’m running 64-bit Windows 7. The file I’m attempting to import was created using the Excel template provided with your blog. I’ve run SysInternal ProcMon against the failure. The only events that ProcMon is capturing are registry accesses and nothing looks out of the ordinary to me. Any suggestions?

  9. Ciao, complimenti per l’applicazione.
    Ho un problema…per una serie di circostanze non ho perso la master password, avevo immesso pochi dati solo per provare il programma, come posso resettare il tutto?


    • Ciao Andrea, purtroppo se perdi la master password non c’è alcun modo per recuperarla… Per motivi di sicurezza la master password non viene mai salvata in sul telefono.
      La procedura per resettare tutto è questa:
      – Rimuovi l’applicazione dal telefono
      – Naviga dal browser sul tuo SkyDrive nella cartella dove stavi sincronizzando i dati, e rimuovi il file di Sky Wallet
      – Reinstalla l’applicazione sul telefono, riconfigura e reinserisci i dati

  10. Hi,
    I purchased Sky Wallet and several days later broke my phone. Is there any way I can get the program downloaded again without having to purchase it again?

    • Yes you can. When you set up your new phone, simply use the same Live Id you used on your previous phone to connect to Marketplace.
      You’ll be able to download all the apps you already purchased without paying again.

  11. Any plans to have Sky Wallet form fill Windows Phone 7 web browser to log into web sites like RoboForm does for the desktop?

  12. Is there any way to print the contents of my sky wallet if not is there a way to export into another format.

    By the way this program is great..

    • Thanks Raymond!
      Unfortunately, at the moment you cannot export data to a clear text file, and you cannot print your data.
      My personal opinion is that exporting sensitive data to a clear text file could be a potential security issue, because it would be easy to export data to a clear file for any purpose, forget to delete it once you have used it and leave sensitive data that can be easily accessed by others on your hard drive….As I wrote it’s my personal opinion, but you are not the only one that asked for a clear text export feature: I’m thinking about providing that feature in a future update.


      • I really like your app and to me it was an almost “instant purchase” except for one thing: I can’t export my data. 😦

        To me, this is an integral feature of any mobile application wherein you spend so much of your time/life amassing data.

        Every wallet application that I’ve ever used has had this functionality. This includes apps from all platforms, for example, PalmOS, WinCE/Windows Mobile, iPhone, etc.

        Now I’m not saying that this is going to happen, but what if you decide to stop developing Sky Wallet? In a situation like that, I would have to manually, meticulously, PAINFULLY, copy all the information in Sky Wallet to whatever system I end up moving to.

        Now your application allows you to import data. Where do you think people are getting the files to import from? From other wallet solutions, of course.

        And honestly, as for the security, anyone that uses the export feature would already be aware of it, otherwise they wouldn’t purchase a wallet application in the first place! This notwithstanding, the users that you might feel are “at risk”, would never even see this feature.

        I hope that these points will help you see why such a feature is essential to a wallet application.


      • The point is that users want control of thier own data. They want to print it, export/Import it and be able to view it in plain text, just in case someday (God forbid) your SkyWallet app goes away.

        Personally, I want to see it stored on my SkyDrive and I want to be able to read it in the clear (if I choose to) without being forced to use anyones proprietary data reader (i.e., SkyWallet). It is OUR data, not YOUR data. It’s certainly none of your business what we do with the data.

        On the other hand, the programming tools are all free, people…just build a better “wallet” app if this developer isn’t up to it.

      • Hi Captain Fantastic!
        I think you missed that the export feature has been released the last August with desktop companion v1.3 🙂
        I agree with your thoughts and with others’. I changed my idea about avoiding data export for security reasons because, as you said, it’s YOUR data 🙂
        Sky Wallet’s mission is to protect your data when it’s in the app, but you are free to do anything you want with your data when it’s outside Sky Wallet. So I implemented data export and you can use it now! 🙂

  13. My attempt to import csv file exported from Code Wallet is a disaster. Each word is practically a wallet. So I have wallets in hundreds maybe thousands. And I did use the csv excel template from the site which had worked on another import I did in SkyWaller. My question is, is there a way I can undo what I have done? Because it seems that I can only delete one wallet at a time.

    • Hello,
      Code Wallet CSV files are not supported, you can find the list of supported formats here: https://skywallet.wordpress.com/2011/05/13/importing-data-with-desktop-companion/
      I don’t know how Code Wallet files are formatted, anyway you should work with Excel in order to match the template you downloaded from this site.
      To rollback the wrong imports, open “My Documents\Sky Wallet” folder: you should find SkyWalletData.wlt file, which is the current wallet the app is using, and some YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS-SkyWalletData.wlt files that are the backup files. Anytime you run an import process, the desktop companion creates a backup of your file using the above namimg convention.
      To rollback to the previous wallet file you can delete SkyWalletData.wlt, which contains thousands of items, and rename the backup file to SkyWalletData.wlt. Each backup file contains its creation time in its name (YYYY = year, MM = month, DD = day and so on).
      If you need any kind of assistance you can write an email!

  14. Hello,
    Great app, I like it, here are some comments and wishes:

    – In the desktop companion I cannot find a way to change the skydrive login.

    – I would like to group the entries within one group by type of template, for example first all PC accounts, then all software keys,…

    – Some kind of automatic synchroinizing would be fine in both versions, PC and WP7.

    – Fulltext search would also be nice

    – An option to hide passwords in the PC version can be helpful, especially in combination with a drag and drop feature (drag the password into the querying field)


    • Hi Micheal, thanks for your suggestion.
      You cannot change the Live Id in the desktop companion because it’s determined by the activation code, and the activation code is determined by the Live Id you’re using on Sky Wallet for Windows Phone.
      I didn’t understand what would you like to do with groups, please can you explain again? Sorry…
      Regarding the other requests, auto sync and hiding passwords are planned, and I’m evaluating full text search (it may have an impact on search performance…)

  15. Nicolo,

    Any chance of being able to register multiple skydrive accounts? My interest is to be able to have a personal SkyWallet as well as a business SkyWallet which my staff has access to and maintains. We’d need a way to be able to keep personal and shared business data separate, and the most obvious way (in my mind, for what that is worth) would be to have the option to store multiple live.com accounts on the phone and switch; each of course would have its own master password. I can see this could represent an issue for the desktop client in your current licensing model; but I’d even be ok with having multiple executables tied to the different databases, so the licensing model in that sense wouldn’t need to change. Glad to discuss ideas; very nice app!

    • Jonathan,

      Thanks for your comment, thats exactly the same situation as we have to deal with. Multiple skydrive accounts would be very useful

  16. Nicolo,

    Just bought this app for my boss and I and it’s awesome, thanks. Are you planning on allowing the creation of custom groups?

  17. Nicolo,

    great app !!!
    One evolution could be to add pictures in your app.
    My alarm system gave me a card with a lot of numbers, and It would be great to take a picture and secure it in your app.
    If you want help with French Traduction, I can help you …


  18. great app, the killer feature is the Search function! Just wondering when will the app be upgrade to Mango version?

  19. Is there any way I can import data from SPB Wallet? I have hundreds of cards/passwords, etc that I don’t wish to type in again.



  20. I love the desktop companion, but I do have one request. I’d love to be able to copy a value, but only have that value exist in the clipboard for a limited time. So each value would have a “Copy to clipboard” button and that would copy the value to the clipboard and trigger a timer. After 30 seconds or so, the timer would then clear the clipboard.

  21. 1) Is product still supported? Just I can’t see any activity here last time..
    2) I bought full version today and requested desktop compilation, but there is no e-mail according it in my live id box. I hope it is because need wait some time, isn’t it?
    3) Proposition: is it possible to implement user ordering for fields? For instance, it is not user-friendly for me when Password always above Username.

    • Hello,
      yes the product is still supported! I’m working on the next release and the user defined field ordering order is a planned feature.
      Regarding the desktop companion, you should have received have the email with the link and the code.


      • I got it now, thanks for your work.

        I am passing from Spb to Sky Wallet now. And there are some issues with it. Some of items are parsed incorrectly – groups are items and vise-a-visa. Of course, may be I missed somewhere blank line after Notes field.. There are enough of them.
        Anyway, does your program supports nested groups (importing from Sbp Wallet)?
        And before import it says, that backup of current data will be done. How can I restore my initial data? I didn’t find any option to do it,,
        It’s OK to clear all data at all. May I delete file SkyWalletData.wlt from my sky drive or there are some other way to do it perfect (just I don’t want to lose my license)?

      • Hi,
        to restore your previous file, close Sky Wallet desktop companion then open ‘My Documents\Sky Wallet’ folder on your Windows PC.
        You’ll find the actual file, which is SkyWalletData.wlt, and one or more backup files that are named YYYYMMDD-HHmmss-SkyWalletData.wlt. Those files are the backup files, and the prefix is the date and time they have been created. To restore one of them, simply remove SkyWalletData.wlt and rename the backup file to SkyWalletData.wlt.

        EDIT: Sorry I forgot to answer your question about nested groups: unfortunately they are not supported, Sky Wallet provides just one level of grouping.

  22. Hello Nicolo’, your program feels tempting. But I have one issue that keeps me from installing your app: I am afraid to leave my datafile on SkyDrive or anywhere else in the net, because I am afraid that a hacker will sooner or later get my details saved in the file. And the damage then could be huge. So I am looking for a combination of security steps like on “keepass”, where you can protect your databases by a password AND a key file (which ist of course not located on the server). So even if the password is hacked you still have to have the keyfile to access the data. Could you imagine to enclose a optino like this?
    Kind regards

  23. Thank you for this app, had to hard reset my phone, (issue with ie on the phone) and this helped me restore all my passwords I have saved through this app. Worth what I paid for it.Now I wish I had something to backup all the favorites I saved on IE.

  24. Thank you for Sky Wallet. It is now an app that I use everyday on my computers and phone. Will you be producing a version for Windows RT and if so how soon will it be available?

  25. I’ve been using Win phone 7 and Sky Wallet with desktop companion and have been very happy with it. Just upgraded to Win phone 8. Can I reinstall skywallet from the marketplace and transfer my data from desktop (Win 7 PC) to Win phone 8?

  26. There haven’t been many replies to comments here in a while and no new posts. Any plans for updates? It’s been quite a while since any kind of update has come through. Love the app and just want to make sure that it continues to be money well spent!

    • Hi Cameron,
      the product is alive and I’m working on a new version for Windows Phone 8.
      I’m extremely busy this year, so I didn’t have much time to post and work on that…

      • good, after Windows Phone 8 do you mind considering a version of the client for Windows 8 RT, I have a Surface RT being a Microsoft junkie

      • Nicolo, thanks for the reply! I didn’t want to come off like a jerk or anything but I really like the product and would just love to see that it’s going to stick around. Looking forward to any updates!

  27. Second that – any plans for updates, especially to desktop app (have a load of suggested enhancements) and offering a version for Windows 8 (Metro/New Design Language) and for Windows 8 RT… would be an excellent app for Surface. Personally, would be prepared to pay (sensible amount) for this for Windows 8/Surface.

  28. Please, stick a Post of your upcoming Update to the Blog.
    So we can see what is planned for the next Update and If a next Update is planned …

  29. Nicolo,

    I have just changed formats from my Windows 7.5 phone to an iPhone5. I very much need your help in transferring hopefully not just my data but your program to my iPhone. I’m hoping that you do have a iPhone version???? I purchased and downloaded skywallet from my phone and do not have a desktop companion version. I only have a few days before I need to send my old phone back to tmobile. Please help!!!!


    • LOL, there is no iPhone version of Skywallet Jo… You should better upgrade to a Windows 8 Phone like the Nokia Lumia series…

      • Does that mean there is no way to save my data and I have to reenter EVERYTHING???? I could at least dl the desktop version and get it on my computer right?

  30. Ciao Niccolò buongiorno.
    Ho acquistato il prodotto ed ho inviato richiesta per il Desktop Companion, ma non mi arriva l’e-mail generata automaticamente con il link per il download (sto verificando la casella corretta ossia quella dlel’ID di SkyDrive, ma niente). A parte questo (aspetterò …) Ti chiedo: ho acquistato questo software poichè mi sembra l’unico in commercio con doppia piattaforma (smartphone e pc) così come era il precedente software che utilizzavo e che però ora non è più seguito dalla casa produttrice ossia Handy Safe Pro + Handy Safe Desktop. Il mio intento è quello di importare in Sky Wallet il file .xml che viene generato dalla funzione “Esporta” di Handy Safe Pro così da trovarmi tutti i vari “data” che avevo nel vecchio software. Lo ritieni possibile? E’ previsto? Esiste una guida per farlo? Attendo tue su entrambe le questioni (sia e-mail per Desktop Companion che non arriva sia questione importazione file .xml).
    Grazie, ciao.

    • Il Desktop Companion è arrivato, installato, tutto ok.
      Attendo risposta su possibilità importare file XML per non dover reinserire centinaia di dati. Grazie.

  31. Hi Nicolo’

    Unsure if you consider feature requests but here are my suggestions anyway,

    Add the possibility to have two wallets in the same app. One which is only accessible by strong password and one accessible with four digit pin for “less” secret stuff. I would come in handy for those occassions when you are in a hurry. A four digit pin can be typed with just one hand.

    Unsure about programming requirements and barriers but if possible, when you launch the app you have, on the startup screen, the choice of inputing text password in one field, thus taking you to your secure wallet or another field which can accept a 4 or even 6 digit pin. Maybe also possible to give a default option in settings to always have your preferred login option presented first.

    I know some people would like dropbox sync possibilities as well.

    My personal view is that your solution is by far the most versatile and also cheapest compared to e.g. LastPass, 1Password, Kees, eWallet, etc which all demands subscription fees and do not offer the same powerful interface as you do. Five things are key,

    1) The app design and functionality (has to be flexible to each user)
    2) Ability to sync from app and desktop application to cloud(s)
    3) Strong encryption, preferably US Gov standard (AES 256 bit)
    4) Trustworhy organisation/Author by all means possible
    5) An attractive price point or price model

    Skywallet excels in at least four of my requirements.

    Finally, to gain even further compared to the bigger software corporations I suggest that you present facts to show that master keys are not stored on the phone, with the encrypted file synced to skydrive, nor saved or otherwise available to you. In that sense I also believe that you should alter your personal information on the blog and openly show your personal data, contact details etc.

    Kind regards

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