Desktop Companion is working again

It looks like the issues on the OneDrive service the desktop app uses to sync has been resolved, and the app is working again. You can now see the list of the online folders when you set up the app for the first time, and then use the app properly.


Desktop Companion Issues

The Desktop Companion is no longer working properly.

Since some days ago, the desktop companion app cannot connect to OneDrive in order to get the list of the folders, and that prevents a fresh installation of the app to work.

The issue is due to some changes to the OneDrive service the app used in order to list the online folders on OneDrive.

If the desktop companion has been installed and configured before the issue appeared, it works properly synchronizing data without issues.

The issue is being investigated to find a solution, in the meanwhile the desktop companion should not be installed since it does not work properly.

Sky Wallet 3.8 has been released

Today a new release of Sky Wallet has been published and is available on the Store to all Windows Phone 8 users.
This is the first release of the app that targets Windows Phone 8, so the update won’t be visible to users with phones running the previous versions of Windows Phone.

Discover the new Sky Wallet 3.8 here!

Also the Windows Phone 7.5 has been updated, and published as version 3.4.

Sky Wallet v3.3 is available on the Store

Today Sky Wallet version 3.3 has been certified and published on the Store.

This update fixes the data corrupted issue that appeared three days ago. If you didn’t encounter that issue because you didn’t synchronize during the last days, simply update the app.

If you had your data removed from your phone due to the issue, to make sure your data will be correctly recovered from SkyDrive you should uninstall Sky Wallet from your phone and then install the version 3.3 from the Store. Obviously, if you have already purchased the app, you won’t be charged again by the store for getting the app again on your phone.

An update has been submitted

Following up the issue reported about synchronization and corrupted data error, I submitted a new version of the app to the Windows Phone Store.

The update fixes the issue and it is being certified by Microsoft. I will notify you when the new version (3.3) will be published.

The desktop companion is ok and does not require any update.