Sky Wallet FAQ

Sky Wallet for Windows Phone FAQ

Q: I got a new phone or I had to reset my phone. I go to the Store and I can try or buy Sky Wallet: how can I get Sky Wallet back to my phone without paying again for that?
A: This question is about how the Store works: if you configured the new phone with the same Microsoft Account you used on the previous phone, you can tap the Buy button and the Store will recognize you have already purchased the app. Your credit card won’t be charged.

Q: Can Sky Wallet fill the username and password fields of a web site in the browser?
A: No, it cannot. You can copy and paste field values like username and password: tap the value and it will be selected, and the copy button will appear. Then switch to the browser and paste the value.

Q: Can I create new groups for my entries?
A: Yes, you can: create or edit an entry, select the group field an write the name of the new group. The new group will be automatically created when you save the entry.

Q: I forgot my master password and I cannot access my data. Is there any way to recover it?
A: For security reasons, the master password is never stored on your phone. That means that if you loose your phone nobody can find your password on the phone file system and try to access your data, but it also means that if you forget your master password there’s no way to recover it.
Unfortunately, you have to uninstall and reinstall Sky Wallet in order to reset it, then set a new master password and enter your data again. The desktop companion can help you with data entry.


Sky Wallet desktop companion FAQ

Q. What is Sky Wallet desktop companion?
Sky Wallet desktop companion is a Windows app that lets you open and edit Sky Wallet data from your PC, synchronizing with SkyDrive. The desktop companion can only access an existing file on SkyDrive and cannot create a new one: it requires you to have Sky Wallet on your Windows Phone.

Q. How can I get Sky Wallet desktop companion?
Sky Wallet desktop companion is available for free to users that have purchased Sky Wallet on Windows Phone and are synchronizing their data to SkyDrive.
It can be requested directly from the phone app, tapping the get desktop companion menu on the main page.
The download link and the activation code will be sent to the Live ID email address.

Q. Where can I download Sky Wallet desktop companion?
When you request the desktop companion from the phone app, you receive an email message containing your activation code and the download link.

Q. I requested the desktop companion from the phone app, but I didn’t receive the download link and the activation code.
A. The email containing the link and the activation code is sent to the email address associated to the Live ID you are using to synchronize Sky Wallet with SkyDrive. Please check the inbox of that email address. If you cannot find the message with the activation code please check the Junk mail folder.
Allow few hours for your desktop companion request to be processed and have the activation code sent to your inbox.

Q. I received the download link but I downloaded a file that looks like a PowerPoint presentation. What’s happening?
Sometimes some browsers rename the desktop companion setup to a .ppt file during the download. To fix it, rename the downloaded file from SkyWalletSetup.msi.ppt to SkyWalletSetup.msi
If you cannot see the .ppt extension, open Windows Explorer options and uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types”.

Q. Is a trial version of Sky Wallet desktop companion available?
No. The desktop companion is a free application so you don’t need to try it before getting it πŸ™‚

Q. Where are the updates to Sky Wallet desktop companion published?
Updates to the desktop companion are usually published to the same download URL you received with the activation code, replacing the previous version of the setup package.

Q. I changed the Live ID I’m using to synchronize Sky Wallet with SkyDrive. How can I change it on the desktop companion?
A. Once you have changed the Live ID and chose the folder on the phone app, simply request the desktop companion again: you’ll receive the new activation code. Once you have the new activation code, reset the desktop companion deleting the folder My Documents\Sky Wallet on your PC.
Run Sky Wallet desktop companion again, and enter the new activation code.

Q. Can I run the desktop companion from a pen drive?
A. Yes you can. You can find the instructions here.

Q. Can I print or export my data to a clear text file?
A. You can export data to a clear text file and, if necessary, print that file. The export feature has been introduced with Sky Wallet desktop companion 1.3.


41 thoughts on “Sky Wallet FAQ

  1. As I started to create my first template in the phone I noticed that the field order is changed to alphabetical. Is there a way to reroder the fields? If not, may I suggest this as a future (near future) enhancement? I don’t know the data structure used but if the field order is changed it should of course not have a negative impact on existing data.

  2. Dear Nicolo,

    is it possible to attach documents/pictures (may be other info types?) to cards with passwords (it was available in Code WalletPro for Windows moble by DevelopmentOne)?

      • Nicolo, your app is a very useful peace of software! However, it could be even better if you will consider to add such capability (attach docs, pictures, pictures taken by phone camera etc.). A great example of this functionality is Super Password for WP. Can we expect similar functionality in future releases?

        The other drawback that I noticed… if you set the auto lock for a certain time (let say 1 min) and this time expires when you are in edit mode of the existing card (typing new data or correcting existing one) Sky Wallet will lock you out and you loose your corrections/addings.

  3. Dear Nicolo’,
    is it possible to call phone number or follow internet link directly from card in Sky Wallet, just clicking on phone number or internet address?

    Best Regards.

    • Yes you can!
      if you enter an URL or an email address as the field value, the app will display a mail or browser button near the field when you view the item. Tap that button to open the link in the browser or to compose an email message.
      You can also mark your field as a phone number, and you’ll be able to call it directly from the card.

  4. How do we know this is safe? How do we know you’re not grabbing all of our passwords up on your server?

    • Hi Scott,
      it’s obviously a matter of trust. As for any password manager application, you can choose to use it or not basing on how you trust the application provider. I think any password manager provider can write you how his application works and how it manages your data, but I think if you don’t trust the provider, you probably don’t trust what he writes…do you agree?
      By the way, I don’t have any server: Sky Wallet can connect to SkyDrive (if you choose to do that), which is not a server of mine but it’s a Microsoft service, with its terms and conditions. When Sky Wallet uploads data to SkyDrive, it sends only encrypted data (as you can see if you access your SkyDrive and try to open your Sky Wallet file). Data is encrypted using your master password, which is not stored anywhere in Sky Wallet neither on SkyDrive, so only you can decrypt your data file.
      Should you have further specific questions, please don’t hesitate to write me an email and I’ll be happy to reply.

  5. Is there an issue with syncing. I had a user id set up that I used from my phone during the day. When I got home it was gone from my PC. I went back to my phone and it was gone. I am 100% sure it was there because I used it that morning.

  6. Hello,
    Really like this app!! Are you going to be releasing a version for the Windows RT tablets that will be coming out?

  7. I just installed PC Companion and tried to export the demo content of my Sky Wallet to a CSV file.

    When importing the same CSV file in PC Companion I get this error:

    “An error occured during the import process: System.ArgumentException”.

    Not very nice.

    • Hello,
      I agree it’s not nice…But please note that the export CSV format is not the same of the import one and the import/export functions are not designed to move data from Sky Wallet on a PC to Sky Wallet on another PC.
      Why they are different? Because the export function is designed to let you export an unencrypted version of your data, while the import CSV function is designed to import data from other sources.
      So how can you move data from a PC to another PC? It’s easy! Simply copy the encrypted SkyWalletData.txt file from My Documents\Sky Wallet folder on one PC to the My Documents\Sky Wallet folder on the second PC.
      Hope that helps, if you need more help please don’t hesitate to write me an email.

      • Tanks for the quick answer.

        I’m currently using SafeWallet and thought I could use a CSV template in Exel to enter my passwords from SafeWallet and then importing the passwords from the CSV to SkyWallet.

        Do you have any suggestions on how to do that another way?


  8. I already bought the SkyWallet app. for Windows Phone 7.1. My question is, do I have to buy it Again for Windows Phone 8?

      • Yes.
        You have already purchased it and the marketplace should not charge you again for that.
        Obviously, you have to configure your WP8 phone with the same Live id you used on the WP7.

  9. Hi,

    Is there a way to import passwords to SkyWallet? I’m considering to change from Handy Safe, but not keen to type +200 passwords again….

  10. Just bought Sky Wallet for my W8 Nokia Lumia 920 Phone. When tapping Get Companion I get the message: “Check that you have config. the account correct and try again – OK” No mails recievet. I was looking forward to finally getting a good solution. How can I get the Companion? I can see my Waletfile on

    • Hello,
      the app is trying to send an email to request the code, but it shows that message because you didn’t configure any email address in the phone.
      If you go to Phone Settings – Email addresses you can configure an email address, so you can check your email on the phone and…the app can send the activation code request for Sky Wallet πŸ™‚

  11. I can`t connect to my Skydrive – The following Message came up: Sky Wallet could not connect to Skydrive due to a network error. Please check if you are connected to the internet. System.Net.WebException – Get request stream callback failed” – but at the same time, I`m writing this message – so I have a connection to the internet. I`m connected to my Skydrive via IE at the same time. By the way – I`m using AVIRA as a virus protection.

    Do you have any idea how to fix it?

    Thanks a lot


  12. I have bought the app, and it works great. I downloaded the companion and used it for a bit. It works well. However when syncing phone with skydrive it says the file is corrupt probably because it was created with a different version of the software?!
    I am using your latest software 2.2 and 3.2

    Please advise.
    Kind regards

    • Hello,
      I posted about that. It seems SkyDrive changed something in the service so it’s not working with Sky Wallet right now.
      I’ll keep you updated. Thanks!

      • Hi Nicolo’

        I appreciate your swift feedback. I found your wallet in the appstore and i agree, it is the best. However I felt very annoyed when all my inputs were erased upon having the sync error.
        I did not think you would reply or amend the software since I have not received any response to the emails I have sent you.
        I do stand corrected now, you updated your website and apparantly working on a solution. I think that is a very professional approach. I realise I only paid a non important sum for your software but I would still like it to work. I do believe that you have many people who have bought the app!?

        Kind regards

  13. Hi!

    I was wondering what type of encryption you use. Several places on your website says the data is encrypted. I am curious to know in what way it is encrypted.
    Kind regards

  14. Hi Nicolo,
    cool app, I bought a copy.
    but I was hoping there is a way tocopy & paste passwords, like in iOS or Android, but it doesn’t work in Skywallet on my Nokia 920.
    could you help?
    regards, Pieter.

    • hello, thanks for choosing Sky Wallet!
      You can copy your password then paste it to a web site or other app: open the item, show the password tapping the unlock button, tap the password and it should be selected, with the copy button displayed.
      Hopr that helps…thanks!

  15. I’ve uninstalled from my Lumia 920 so that I can reinstall the current version, but the store only shows [Try] or [Buy] options. If I choose the [Buy] option, will I be charged again?

    • Hello! No, the store won’t charge you again if you tap the buy button, it will tell you the you already have purchased the app. Thanks!

      • Thanks for the quick response. Great App, BTW. The PC Companion sets this apart for others with similar features.

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